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Why would you ever want to shove a can of beer up the butt of a chicken and cook it?

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The answer is simple...it's the very best, tastiest, moistest, most incredible flavored chicken you'll ever eat. Although the person that thought of this idea was clearly a little twisted, they did discover a miracle in the art of cooking chicken. It's fun, flavorful, easy...and if done properly, very safe. The number one goal of this website is to promote safe and healthy preparation of beer can chicken.

BeerCanChicken.com is an effort by the makers of Poultry Pal, to educate consumers and Beer Can Chicken lovers everywhere of the best way on the planet to safely make the best beer can chicken you'll ever taste.

There are many variations to this story, but basically a few guys were always looking for ways to include beer in their everyday activities. According to the legend, they first poured beer over the chicken they were roasting, but the beer just sort of rolled off into the flames. Cool effect, but not enough of the beer flavor soaked into the chicken. Necessity is the mother of invention, right? So what better way to get the flavor of an entire can of beer into a chicken than to make the chicken drink it. Well, that's not possible seeing the chicken is not really capable of doing that...seeing that it's ready to cook and everything. So...what happens when you shove a can of beer up a chicken's butt? It was not only funny, but the flavor was incredible. The juiciest, most flavorful chicken you've every had. Is this story true? Does it really matter?

This part of the story IS true. We know, because it's us. Three regular, ordinary, average guys from Bay City, Michigan are sitting around one day talking about beer. The conversation turns to beer can chicken. "There's got to be a better, safer, way to make it."...(who actually said this is still being argued) With these words, the Poultry Pal was born. Does it work? You bet it does...check out these actual testimonials....

Cary Black - author of Zen Chicken and Tom Simon - inventor of the Poultry PalTry whole turkey and chicken roasters on the Poultry Pal.
Click Here for Recipe! - Watch the Video

Take your time, read, enjoy, try some recipes...buy a Poultry Pal® Beer Can Chicken Cooker...tell your friends....

Pictured on left is Cary Black, author of Zen Chicken and the Art of Continuous Infusion (A companion Guide to a New Way of Cooking Beer Can Chicken) along with Tom Simon, Inventor of the Poulty Pal.



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