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Poultry Pal (Beer Can Chicken) FAQ's

How much liquid should I use in the base?

Not any more than 12 to 15oz. The larger the bird, the more liquid is returned to the base.

What kind of beer works best?

We have found that the heavier, full-bodied beers seems to work the best, giving your bird a very nice flavor.

Do I need to use beer?

No, not at all! Soda, Cola, fruit juices, wine and even chicken broth, make excellent liquids to use.

What if I leave the bird on too long?

You should still be okay. But take care as to not boil off the liquid in the reservoir.

How do I get the bird off the Infusion Tower after cooking?

Good question. We have heard of a few ways to de-roost. Some people simply remove the Infusion Tower and slide the bird off. Others wrap some foil around it and lift it off.

Can I carve on the Poultry Pal?

You can but you may damage the non-stick finish.

How large of a bird can I cook on the Poultry Pal?

The Poultry Pal was designed to easily hold up to an 8lb. bird. With larger birds, a cookie sheet should be placed under the unit to catch stray drippings.

What is the Poultry Pal made of?

100% Non-Stick Coated Steel - Built to last!


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