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It is the greatest...I love my poultry pal and plan on buying more for Christmas and whatever gifts....it is easy to do and easy cleanup.....I used a very simply method of cooking....chicken broth and onions in the favor base....salt and peppered the inside and outside of chicken and added onions around the base....I call it simply and yummy....good luck with your sales and keep me informed of other inventions.....

Beth Billingsley, El Centro, CA
This is the ONLY way to get flavor in every single bite, right down to the bone. I am so impressed!

Alicia Sustaric, Cleveland, OH
OMG, it's wonderful. We never ever had chicken so juicy and moist, it melts in your mouth. All the fat drips out of the chicken while it cooks and I thought it would be dry, but to my surprise it was sooo moist and juicy. My family told me that they don't want my roast chicken any other way but that way. I am so glad I purchased two of them. It is the best investment that I have made in cooking items. Thanks for everything and keep up the great job. And if anyone is thinking twice about buying one, tell them not to think twice, it is awesome.

Alex D., Albequerque, NM
I am on a low-carb, high-protein diet. This makes my meals so much more wonderful-very flavorful-AND low-fat! I love your product!

Lynn Bell, Burton, MI
I was thinking of ordering 4 Poultry Pals, 2 for me, 2 for gifts, I am sold sight unseen. Congrats on such a good idea! I've seen the beer can chicken recipe and always wanted to try it. I never could figure out how to do it, but your product will make it easy with less mess, I'm sure.

Lynn Bell, Burton, MI
I said I would let you know how I liked my Poultry Pal, and let me tell you, "I love it"!! It is so easy to use! We decided on the right liquid to use, seasoned it, put it on the BBQ, and left it alone to cook and "wah-lah" a delicious "moist and tender" chicken that the whole family loved and raved about!! the clean up was a breeze too!

Matt Smith, Tulsa, OK
My daughter never eats white meat because it is too dry. Well, she has changed her mind with chicken done on the Poultry Pal. Now that is all she eats.

Alicia Sustaric, Cleveland, OH
Oh yes, you may quote me, I love it, and I am so glad that I received it as soon as I did. Once again, thank you for a wonderful product.

Chris Y., Saginaw, MI
You were right. Great chicken.

B. Johnson, Kansas City, MO
Much easier to use then a plain old beer can. No mess, no flare ups, and cleans up like a dream.


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