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BBQ Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken is a perennial favourite at BBQ's and cookouts every summer, with the introduction of the Poultry Pal cooking it has never been easier or more flavourful.

Thanksgiving Beer Can Turkey
Turkey isn’t just for the holidays, with a smaller bird you can enjoy it at any time.

With this method you just pop it on the “Poultry Pal”, rub your favourite spices on
the outside and grill over indirect heat (around 300ºF) just like in your oven.

Remember Turkey is done when a thermometer reads 180ºF in the thigh.

You can rub anything on the outside of the bird, and in
flavour base use any liquid: beer, wine, fruit juice, or chicken / turkey stock

Poultry Pal
- Whole Turkey and Chicken Roasters

The Poultry Pal is the best way to safely make the best beer can chicken and turkey you'll
ever taste! After all, it's the beer and the cooking method that creates the flavor...not the can!

Poutry Pal shows you how to cook turkeys and
chicken roasters on the grill using the amazing Poultry Pal.

Poultry Pal Information

The safer and more appealing way to make the best beer can chicken you will ever taste.

The Poultry Pal drains unwanted fats away from the meat while it cooks while it infuses it with moister from the flavor base. Grill masters can add beer, chicken broth, fruit juices, and other liquids to the base to add flavor. The Poultry Pal cooks poultry to "beer can perfection" without the can.

Poultry Pal TV

The Poultry Pal, touted as a new and better way to grill beer can chicken on a grill, is demonstrated in a Try it Before You Buy It news spot at WZZM13 - Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The news reporter and crew fire up the grill and cook a chicken on the Poultry Pal.
Positive reviews of the product were given after the taste test.


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